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This is where you, as a publisher, can edit your dynamic paywall. You can analyse/export your data collected, change the appearance and messages on the paywall, create scenarios for specific segments as well as analyze/export survey results.
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These are the different categories for splitting up your audience. We have created 'custom groups' and 'native segments'. The custom groups are those that you create yourself, personalized to your audience, and the native segments are those that we have created at Poool and which are based on reader engagement, as a starting point for audiences in general. You can create different scenarios for each segment.

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* Poool used to call these journeys but they mean the same thing!

This is the path that a reader will be taken down when faced with a paywall. We called this a scenario/journey because it includes the steps that you will program into Poool and is personalized according to the type of reader. Each scenario is made up of widgets that will lead to actions being displayed to your reader.

For example, a certain type of reader, let's say 'fans', will be taken down the scenario (that you created for them) that starts with subscribing to the newsletter as the first step of the paywall, then they have to watch a commercial in order to read an article and then, at the end of their journey, they will have to subscribe in order to keep reading.

There are 3 different types of scenarios:

  • Dynamic: the typical Poool scenario where you can use all types of widgets, one article after another

  • Metered: A classic scenario which allows you to decide the number of articles to offer before completely blocking the reader

  • Discovery pass: A scenario that completely opens access, for a chosen amount of time, to all articles that are normally blocked

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These are the actions within the scenario. They will appear to your reader as a box that will stop them from reading the article without them completing the action proposed. For example, you could add in the 'commercial' widget, which would ask the reader to watch a commercial in order to continue to read, followed by a 'survey' widget and finally the 'required subscription' widget.

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If a reader carries out the action in the widget, statistics will be added to the 'Analysis' section of your Dashboard. The type of statistic gained by your 'Analysis' page is dependant on the widget.

For more information about which widget will give you what statistic, have a look at our page dedicated to defining your statistics provided by Poool.

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