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How can I connect poool with GA4?
How can I connect poool with GA4?

Follow here the main steps to activate the connexion between poool and your GA4 account

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To send your walls' performance data in your own GoogleAnalytics4 account, you should go through two main settings. First add a config in your technical implementation, and then in your GA4 Dashboard create your exploration. We explain in this article all in detail.

🚨If you load GA4 through GTM, you should integrate GTM connector as described in this article.

Technical Implementation

Add in your Access and Audit configuration poool <>GA4 connector with the following lines.

📌 Script poool - poool Legacy version

poool('config', 'gtag_auto_tracking_enabled', true);
poool('config', 'auto_tracking_spec_v2', true);

📌 Script poool - new version

access.config('gtag_auto_tracking_enabled', true)
access.config('auto_tracking_spec_v2', true)

audit.config('gtag_auto_tracking_enabled', true)
audit.config('auto_tracking_spec_v2', true)

Google Analytics

In your GA Dashboard, you should define the personalized dimensions ("Personalized definition" > Choose "Create personnalized dimensions")

Create two dimensions:

  • event_category

  • event_label

event_category allows to retrieve poool event.

event_label specifies the performances linked to the wall settings (context, scenario, widget type).

Where can i find data?

In order to see your data, let's go in the "Exploration" part. You can there "Create a new exploration", then load the information you wish to use in your analysis, linked to the "event_category" and "event_label".

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