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How can I connect poool with GA4?
How can I connect poool with GA4?

Follow here the main steps to activate the connexion between poool and your GA4 account

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If you want to connect Poool with Google Analytics 4 directly (without using GTM), here are the steps to follow.

This involves two main steps:

  • Integrate the Poool x gtag connector into your configuration.

  • Configure your GA4 property and confirm that the data is being correctly reported.

💡If you are loading GA4 through GTM, we recommend applying the method described in this article 👉 How to connect Poool with Google Analytics via GTM?

Technical Implementation

To add the Poool x GA4 connector to your Poool configuration, use the following lines:

Legacy version

poool('config', 'gtag_auto_tracking_enabled', true);
poool('config', 'auto_tracking_spec_v2', true);

In Access configuration

access.config('gtag_auto_tracking_enabled', true)
access.config('auto_tracking_spec_v2', true)

In Audit configuration

audit.config('gtag_auto_tracking_enabled', true)
audit.config('auto_tracking_spec_v2', true)

Google Analytics Dashboard

In your Google Analytics dashboard, declare the custom definitions corresponding to the sent information.

Navigate to the "Admin" section of your GA4 dashboard, then select "Custom Definitions.

Name your two definitions: event_category and event_label, and declare these same values in the "Event parameter" section under "Custom Definitions." Choose the scope as "Event."

event_category allows to retrieve poool event.

event_label specifies the performances linked to the wall settings (context, scenario, widget type).

How can I confirm my configuration is correct?

To confirm that your configuration is correct in GA4, you can test the event tracking by following these steps in the "Realtime" section of GA4.

Once in the "Realtime" section, click on "Events" to view active events.

In the "Event count" section, you will find each sent Poool event, along with the event_category (= poool) and event_label (which provides detailed context and scenario information).

Create an exploration

Finally, to analyze your statistics, go to the "Exploration" section.

Choose the option "Create a new exploration," then load the information you want to see for your analysis, related to event_category (poool) and event_label (journey details).

Here's an example view below 👇

More details about the

The data in the exploration will be available starting from the day after you have set up the Poool x GA4 connection and completed the configurations in your GA4 Dashboard.

Do you have any more questions? Our team is here to help you! 🙂

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