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The need-to-know on Poool's script performance?
The need-to-know on Poool's script performance?

Discover more about the loading time of Poool's script

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Script performance and page loading time is an incredibly important concern for all digital content producers. Poool understands this and have worked hard to ensure that our solution doesn't negatively impact user experience.

In this article, we'll summarize the main need-to-know elements of the Poool script and its performance.

Loading the script

Our script loads based on a Google CDN. This guarantees the best loading performance possible.

Load time is based on a user's connection quality. It makes sense, therefore, that the first load by the user is longer. However, as soon as this first load is done, the script is cached, meaning that any loading required following this is extremely quick and no longer dependent on a user's connection.

💡 Poool script does not call any third-party script and only loads the elements required for it to function.

Script context on your website

Poool loading time depends on the context in which it has been integrated. The 3 main elements to take into consideration are:

  • The position of Poool's script in your code

In order to optimize the wall execution time, we recommend calling poool at the beginning of your scripts.

  • The number of scripts to execute on a page

When a user arrives on a page, your site is faced with a stack of scripts to execute. This may have an impact on the page loading time, and potentially the time for the wall to be fully displayed.

  • The type of elements that other scripts load

It's also important to have an overview of all elements that are called by your scripts on a page. Some scripts, due to the file-type required for them to load, take a significant amount of time. This can have an impact on the wall loading time.

Poool's new script

Our team have also worked on a new version of our script, one that has optimized performance, is more flexible and efficient whilst maintaining an optimal user experience.

In this new version, we chose to develop two different scripts, each with their own objectives:

  • Script Access: allows the wall to be displayed, tracking anything linked to the wall and what occurs on it

  • Script Audit: tracks reader interaction onsite and onpage (visits, conversions), data that's independent of the wall itself.

To discover more about Poool's new script, have a look to our article 👉 What's changed with Poool's new script?

API call

Regarding the API call once the wall is loaded, we guarantee an average response time of 10 to 50 ms. You can follow these results on our dedicated website and register via email to be notified in case of any problem.

If you have any questions, our team is here to answer 🙂

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