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Cookie Wall with Alternative
How can I set-up a Cookie Wall with a CMP other than Didomi's?
How can I set-up a Cookie Wall with a CMP other than Didomi's?

Discover the main steps to implement a Cookie Wall with Alternative

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Now that you're an expert in Cookie Wall's with Alternative (not quite yet? Have a read of our article 👉 What is a cookie wall with alternative?), let's get to the heart of the matter: the implementation.

We developed a partnership with Didomi to offer you a "plug & play" feature. However, it's perfectly possible to implement this feature with a different CMP, it just requires a bit more tech work on your side.

Here are the main steps for the activation.

CMP settings

Before anything else, in order to use Poool in your integration, you should add Poool as a vendor to your consent notice.

Define the action in your Dashboard

Once this plug is added, you can set up a Cookie Wall with Alternative in your Poool Dashboard.

Setting the Cookie Wall up is done within a context., where you can choose the content on which you'd like to present users with a Cookie Wall.

Head into the scenario tab and, on your selected context, click on the options on the right, then choose [Consent].

You can then choose the option "Explicitly ask users for consent", and add your configuration.

Widget configuration

You can then choose to set up other elements of the wall:

  • The alternative action: you can choose between several options, including Free Article, Invisible Unlock, Commercial, Subscription, Form or None

  • The appearance of your widget

  • In the advanced configuration section, you can define and activate the connexion link

  • In the tab 'Advanced texts settings' you can define the text used on the wall

💡 If you'd like to encourage newsletter inscription, you can use 'Form' as an alternative to cookies. This allows you to collect valuable data points! But note, this data is collected in your own system as Poool doesn't store any data in order to remain GDPR compliant. We advise that you check with your DPO that the alternative proposed is in line with your internal privacy policy.

💡 If you don't want to set up an alternative option on the wall, you need to create a scenario "all users" and use the "invisible unlock" action.

Technical implementation

To integrate the Cookie Wall, you'll need to develop your own consent logic and the way that the CMP will be displayed. To do so, Poool provided the event consent.

📌 Script poool - previous version

Ajoutez entre les lignes "init" et ("send", "page-view") dans votre configuration Access:

poool('event', 'onConsent', function() {
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
// Add here your own settings

📌 Script poool - new version

Add in your Access configuration:

access.on('consent', () => {
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
// Add here your own settings

For more information, you can find our dedicated guide to the Didomi Cookie Wall integration here. It may help you in the steps to follow.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us!

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