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Cookie Wall with Alternative
What is a Cookie Wall with Alternative?
What is a Cookie Wall with Alternative?

All you need to understand the Cookie Wall with Alternative

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When a user refuses to give their consent to cookies on your website, you can choose to block content thanks to Poool's Cookie Wall with Alternative.

This wall complements your CMP and is shown only to users who refuse cookies. Instead, it offers the user a choice - accept cookies or choose an alternative, cookie-free way to support the production of content, such as subscribing or registering.

When and where will the cookie wall appears?

A new user arrives on your website.

Firstly, they'll be presented with your CMP notice. This is a legal requirement in most situations (first visit, private navigation, cookie-less history, etc).

They make their choice.

Situation no.1: they accept. Youhou! 😉 You're able to use cookies and the user can browse your website freely. If you use any of Poool's other conversion strategies (subscription or account creation for instance), this user will be assigned to a segment and integrated into a scenario.

Situation no.2: the user refuses to give consent. In this instance you don't have permission to use cookies. This will automatically activate the Cookie Wall with Alternative and block access to content on the first article that the user chooses to read.

To gain access to this content, the user is offered two options:

  • Give consent by accepting cookies (if they click this button they'll be redirected back to your CMP notice)

  • Choose a cookie-free alternative (this 'alternative' is chosen by you in the Poool Dashboard)

✏️ NB : The Cookie Wall with Alternative is displayed when

  • All cookies have been refused


  • When one of the 'conditions of use' has been refused

What does the user see if they choose the alternative?

When the reader decides to choose your proposed alternative, they'll see the widget that confirms the action ("I choose to subscribe", "I'll create an account", or "I'll watch a commercial"). This step is necessary to finalize their choice.

✏️ NB : Poool doesn't store any data that has been collected via the alternative action.

Now you understand what a Cookie Wall with Alternative is, let's move to the next step: implementation.

Let's go!

And for all other questions, don't hesitate to contact our teams 🙂

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