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How can I analyze data in my Google Analytics account?
How can I analyze data in my Google Analytics account?

Discover everything you need to know about your data from Poool that will appear in your Google Analytics.

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Once you connect your Google Analytics account to the data collected in your Dashboard, you'll likely want to move onto the next step - analyzing this data.

In this article we'll share everything about data correspondences between the Dashboard and GA so that you can fully understand all data in your analytics tool.

If you're still not sure on how to connect Poool with GA, take a look at our other article 👉 How can I connect Poool with Google Analytics?

Where can I see my data in GA ? 📊

To find your events in Google Analytics follow "Behavior" > "Events" > "Overview".

It's here that you'll find 3 different data types: event category, event action, event label.

Event Category

This is simply the personalized event "poool" set-up when you connected the two platforms.

Event Action: widget's views and clicks

In "Event Action", you can find two types of data:

  • "Widget-seen" which counts the number of wall views for each widget typology

  • "Clicks" which counts the number of clicks on the widget

Regarding "Widget-seen", below is a list of data reported and the corresponding actions in the Dashboard:👇

  • gift : Free article

  • unlock : Automatic unlock

  • link : Discovery url

  • pass : Discovery pass

  • invisible : Invisible unlock

  • subscription : Subscription

  • newsletter : Newsletter subscription

  • form : Form

  • video : Commercial

  • question : Survey

  • viewpay : Viewpay commercial

Event Labels

This is where you'll find all the reported events and the associated variations.

For instance, "gift-release" will indicate the number of clicks on the unlock button (release) of the "Free Article" widget (gift).

Below are the corresponding variations. This will allow you to get a precise idea of the actions executed by a user on each of you walls.👇

  • release: article unlock

  • subscribe_link: click on the button/link "Discover offers"

  • submit_form: form completed and sent

  • link_button: click on the button "URL Discovery"

  • login: click on the button/link "Login"

  • register: mail registration for a newsletter

  • no_thanks: click on the "no, thanks" link

If you made it to the end of this article, you should now be able to analyze Poool's data in Google Analytics with ease!

Still got some questions? Our team is here to answer! Contact us on Intercom via your Dashboard.

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