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How do I test the design of my paywall?
How do I test the design of my paywall?

Using "preview" and "scenario test" features to check your widgets

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To get a clear vision of how your widget look like on the website, two features can be very useful.

Previewing widgets on the Dashboard

Within your scenario, when you edit a widget, you can see the preview of it.

You can then apply an appearance, change some configuration, and set-up texts.

You can also see it on mobile and desktop.

This preview features uses a fake article content in the background, so you can check how your personalized widgets will look like.

Then, thanks to the preview option, you can see how they will display on your website, when they will be implemented to your article template.

Preview a scenario on your website

To check how widget or even a scenario will appear on your website, you can choose the '< > Preview' option and then go to your website to see the final appearance.

To know more about this option, have a look to our article How do I test the different steps of a scenario?

Doing so, you can make sure that the whole reader experience, on a visual level, is perfect.

🚨 The preview feature does not prevent the design (graphical personalization / paywall appearance) to be seen live and seen by your entire audience. The fact that testing is "invisible" only involves the scenario process: the feature allows you to put yourself in a reader's shoes, experiencing a specific scenario within a specific segment.

Test on your preprod

If you need to check your design modifications on your website, before going live, you can also do it through your preprod environment.

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