How do I test the different steps of a scenario?

Previewing your scenarios before launch

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When creating a scenario, you can have an overview of the user experience at any time by using the "Test" function. This function is also very useful if you have arrived at the end of your own scenario and wish to review the previous steps.

Go to the "Scenarios" section on the dashboard

To use the "test" function on a scenario, click on the three dots to the right. Here is an example for the "Volatiles B" segment:

Click "Test" and you will see a pop-up indicating that you have entered test mode.

You will then test the scenario "Volatiles B" in question by going directly to your site.

To exit the test mode, click directly on "Quit Test mode".

Whenever you restart the test mode, you can review all the steps in the scenario that you are testing

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