Want to boost the discovery of your subscription offers by offering a free discovery pass during a limited time? It is now possible thanks to the widget and the scenario called "Discovery pass"!

The implementation of this kind of tactic is a 2-step process for the reader: first the offer of the discovery pass, then the unlimited consumption of articles during the validity time of the corresponding pass.

However, on the publisher's side, implementing this type of strategy is the opposited on the Dashboard:

  • first the creation of a dedicated custom group and a discovery-pass scenario where readers will consume their articles

  • then the edition or the creation of the initial scenario where readers are invited to subscribe to the pass to discover content

1. Custom group and "Discovery pass" scenario: to unlock articles automatically for pass subscribers

Go into the "Scenarios" page → "Custom groups" section, click on the "Create a group" blue button.

Choose a name and an ID for your custom group (here "Twitter visitors" (ID: twitter_visitors) and "Facebook visitors" (ID: facebook_visitors)) then click on Continue.

Within this new group, click on the white button "Create a scenario" then choose the "Discovery pass". For security reasons, you must confirm that you want to edit the scenario (this will change its content).

Set up the number of days during which you will offer content as part of this discovery pass.

Give your pass a name. It should now be made up as follows:

Click on the "Validate scenario" blue button. The scenario is then added into the new custom group.

2. "Discovery pass" widget: to offer your readers a free subscription to the discovery pass

Go into the Scenarios section to choose the segment or the group and the scenario in which you would like to include a "Pass" widget. In other words, it deals with defining when and to whom you show this discovery offer. Once this decision is made, click on the corresponding scenario in order to edit it. The example below is the "test journey" scenario, assigned to the "Occasionals" segment.

Drag-and-drop the Pass widget from the toolbox in the right-hand corner into the scenario.

A window will open so that you can preview your widget. Set it up as you need. The most important thing is that you fill in the "Switch to group if activated" section. This is the link to the Pass scenario you have just created. This means that a reader who will activate this Pass widget will be automatically switched into the selected group and will be given the new scenario you have created inside. In our example, we are going to choose the "Pass 7 jours" group.

If you want, you can also edit the widget texts in the window advanced settings. To finish, click on the "Create" blue button. The widget is added to scenario. Don't forget to "Update" the scenario so that everything gets saved.

Et voila!

3. Tracking the statistics of the Pass

You can find all the stats on the Statistics page of your Dashboard.

  • You can find the number of activations of the "discovery pass" widget in the "action performance" blocks

  • The pass subscribers' email addresses are stored in the "collected email addresses" block as well as the email addresses collected as part of the "newsletter subscription" widget (you'll be able to differentiate them thanks to an ID in the exports)

  • Automatically unlocked articles as part of the pass are also stored in the "Automatic unlocks" area.

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