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How can I retrieve any data collected by Poool in my own system?
How can I retrieve any data collected by Poool in my own system?

Enhance your personal reader data base outside of the Dashboard

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In order to enhance your own reader data base, you may need to retrieve your data collected by Poool from elsewhere other than the dashboard. We have implemented 2 methods in order to better respond to this problem.

Via a Javascript event used when you collect emails

When an email address is collected via the Newsletter widget, you can recuperate this data simultaneously. This is particuarly useful for continuing consistent work flows.

In order to do this, you'll need to use the onRegister event. The technical documentation for this is available on our Dev Hub.

Concretely, you have to add the onRegister event into javascript in your Poool configuration. This event will activate once the user enters their email and validates it.

poool("event", "onRegister", function(event){
console.log("Registered !",;

You will be able to call Ajax (or whichever service you use) in this function and therefore link this to your own technical system in real time. If your request is valid, the email should be saved in the service that you have specified. Don't forget that you can also export emails from the Statistics section of the Dashboard.

Via the API used for all other types of data at any time

Otherwise, our API is available to export any data at any time: email addresses, responses to emails as well as valuable information about users.

All information about our API is available on the technical questions section of our Dev Hub.

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via the Intercom chat.

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