You can easily export any data collected. This can be done in various formats depending on the type of data that you want to export: Excel, JSON, CSV or PDF

Formats available when exporting performance data:

  • Excel

  • PDF

Formats available for exporting collected email addresses:

  • Excel

  • JSON

  • CSV

Formats available for exporting collected answers to questions:

  • Excel

  • PDF

To do this, head to the dashboard section 'Analysis'. Open up the relevant data that you wish to export by selecting a time period and segment.

Export the Paywall's performance data

At the top right hand side of the screen, click on 'download data'. This will give you a dropdown menu asking you to choose between Excel and PDF. Select whichever suits you. The download will open in your browser and you will find the generated data sheet in your computer downloads.

Export collected email addresses and answers to questions

Click on the box 'registered email' or 'answer to questions'.

A link will appear below the box (either 'export registered emails' or 'export answers to questions'). Click on this and select from the options in the dropdown menu depending on which format suits you.

The download will start with a message that tells you that the export is in preparation to download.

You will be notified by a bar in the top right hand corner of the dashboard when the data is ready to download.

You will now be able to find your data sheet in the list of exports, found in the section 'Exports'.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on the Intercom chat.

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