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What different actions are available?
What different actions are available?

Find out which widgets you can use

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In order to configure the different Poool scenarios, you have to choose the action you propose to the user.

10 widgets are available today.

Free article

This will give the reader an article without them having to give any data in exchange. They simply have to click on the button to continue reading. The aim of this is to engage the user by giving them the read for free.


This widget allows the user to discover your offers in order to unlock the article.

It points at your subscription page. In the option 'Edit a widget', you can set-up this redirection urls.

💡 You can add in a return URL if needed. to do this, add ?my_variable={return_url} at the end of your subscription URL.


The aim of this action is to give the reader the option of watching a video in exchange for an article. You can then monetize further thanks to this option of using an advert within the widget.

For this widget, you should integrate a VAST. To do so, go to the 'Commercials' section, in the 'Settings' tab.

Newsletter subscription

The newsletter subscription widget gives a little less information than the others.

You have the chance here to add an ID of the newsletter (E.g. nl_Daily) and its name (E.g. The Daily newsletter). This allows you to match these email addresses to any data lists that you already have.

In order to download the email address list, head to the section 'Statistics'.

Automatic unlock

When the user arrives at the article, it will be automatically unblocked and a message will let them know how many article they have left to read.

The 'Automatic unlock' widget is particularly useful to create the 'Metered' journey.

Invisible unlock

This widget unlocks the article in an 'invisible' way, without displaying any information.

Url discovery

Thanks to this action, you can invite your user to visit one page of your choice.

For example, you may wish to generate traffic on a subscription site : you can integrate the url of this specific page to the widget 'Url discovery'.

The statistics of the clicks on the buttons are available in the 'Statistics' section of the dashboard, 'Performance of actions'.

Discovery pass

The 'Discovery pass' invites a reader to test subscription for free for a limited amount of time. To know more about this specific widget, do not hesitate to read our article How do I create a Discovery pass?


We created the survey widget so that the editors can directly ask questions to their audience in a way that isn't intrusive and respects their user experience. The aim is not only to collect responses but also to ensure they're as honest as possible.

By putting this action in a known environment, the user is less inclined to give a false response. This also helps to develop a trusting publisher-reader relationship.
If you want to know more about surveys, read our article How do I create and publish a survey?


Thanks to this widget, you can propose to the user to fill out a form in order to unlock the article.

We invite you to read our dedicated article How do I create a form and use it in a scenario?

Define an alternative widget

For some actions, you can set an alternative widget. This functionality leaves the choice to the user, to avoid a blocking action in his browsing.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions by sending us a message on the Intercom chat!

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