There are only a few steps to follow in order to set up Poool Pay. Once technical implementation is complete, some manipulations are needed on the Dashboard so your users can benefit from this new feature.

Poool Pay's settings

As for Access, you can set some elements up in the Settings section of the Dashboard, e.g. the currency, its position in relation to the amount displayed, and the default language (French or English).

We've also included a "Sandbox" test mode, which allows you to check the payments feature is well implemented, without having to generate real transactions.

Don't forget deactivating the test mode before releasing the feature!


The Products tab is extremely important: that's where you can define prices and products you'll sell with Poool Pay. As you certainly read it in the article dedicated to the technical implementation of Poool Pay, it is necessary to provide a product "slug" (identifier) in the Javascript configuration. Here's where it's at!

First, click on "Add a product"

Fill in the form: product name, slug (that's what you'll send in the product configuration then), price and description.

Then click on "Create"; the first product is created!

The only thing left is calling it the right way on your website with a working implementation of our payment button :-)


The Overview tab allows you to analyze several elements of performance related to the payment widget. You can filter on the period or the product and download the data to create reports.

Don't hesitate to read our article about Poool Pay's implementation!

Poool's team is here to have a chat on Intercom and answer all of your questions!

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