Need to protect your monetization strategy via the deactivation of ad blockers? You are in the right place!

Activation of ad blockers detection

When creating a scenario, you can choose to activate, or not, the ad blocker detection on each scenario. This allows you to precisely adjust your strategy or even implement A/B tests.

This option is activated and deactivated just below the scenario name field:

To edit the default text for the "Ad blocker detection" widget, go into the Messages section then onto the "Widget text" tab:

How ad blockers detection works

The "Ad blocker detection" widget is specific and has several major properties: 

  • It is added to a created scenario. In other words, a reader with an ad blocker will go through an extra step at the beginning of their scenario and so will be able to benefit from an additional offered article.
  • It is a widget that does not offer any alternative. If the reader does not activate their ad blocker, they cannot go through the scenario. It is a blocking step.
  • If a reader activates their ad blocker again after all this, they will be asked for a second deactivation. You can set up a different message from the first one in the Messages section. But if they deactivates it and activates it again, to benefit from unlimited offered articles, they will then be blocked.
  • After being activated, the scenario is updated.  

You can track the evolution of ad blocker deactivation in the "Statistics" section of the Dashboard where all actions are recorded.

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