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What are Poool's basic settings?
What are Poool's basic settings?

Setting up Poool for maximum impact

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Poool has a configuration marketing section that allows you to define predetermined behaviors.

To do that, click on "Settings" on the main menu.

Media settings

In this part you can set :

  • Media name which is very important because it will be later displayed on your widgets.

  • Login URL is the page where users can login on your media if they have already subscribed or registered.

  • Subscription URL is your media offer submission page.

  • Data policy URL

Note: you can define a return URL. To do that, add at the end of the subscription URL ?ma_variable={return_url}


Advertising settings allows you to define your VAST. VAST information let you to take advantage of the commercial widget.

Third-party integrations

This is the place where you can set-up your connexion with Third-party tools.

Audience native distribution mode

If you click on "Advanced configuration", you can here choose the audience native distribution mode. You have the choice between Reader Score Mode (distribution based on RFM method) and Frequency Mode (distribution based on number of sessions).

If you have any questions, as ever please contact us on Intercom!

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