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What are the main steps to configure Poool Subscribe?
What are the main steps to configure Poool Subscribe?

Discover the different actions to set up your new subscription tool

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Follow this guide to understand, step-by-step (5 in total), how you can set up Poool Subscribe based on your needs. 🙂

Let's start in your Dashboard, in the "Subscribe" section.

STEP 1: Set up Poool Subscribe for your website

Before doing anything else, you need to complete the required information in the "Settings" section.

It's here that you need to fill out:

  • General settings

    Fill this section carefully as it contains all the core elements that will define your offer from a practical and legal point of view (website names, link to your terms of use and sales, your support contact).

  • Payment settings

    This is where you can activate your connexion with Stripe.

    🚨 We advise you to complete very precisely this section with all the API keys provided by Stripe (live and test mode), before starting offers creation.

  • Invoice settings

    All elements in this section (logo, text, colors) will be used when your subscriber generates an invoice.

  • Email settings

    Again, this information (logo, text, colors) will be retrieved for any emails shared with your subscribers.

  • Domain settings

    Here you should simply define your sub-domain to generate the URL for your offer page. You have the choice between:

    • Using the format proposed by Poool, only needing to add your website name (


    • Create your own personalized domain and add a CNAME registration with the following value:

STEP 2 : Create your subscription offers

With all the settings sorted you can now start creating your offers in the "Offers" section.

When you click on the button [ + Create an offer ], you can freely build all the subscription offers that you'd like to present to your users.

There are 3 actions are mandatory to complete an offer:

  • Give it a name

  • Define its price and the VAT that will be added

  • Define the advantages included in the offer - you can add up to 10 of these into a single offer.

✏️ Note: Pay attention when you write these texts. They will be automatically reused in the subscription journey shown to your reader.

In this "Offers" section, you'll be able to see all created offers as well as anything defined in each offer (price, advantages, activation, number of subscribers).

STEP 3 : Create a subscription journey

Once your offers have been created, you need to move to the rest of the journey. To do so, let's go to the "Subscription journey" section.

A subscription journey includes 3 key septs. Some are completely customizable, some remain generic.

  • A landing page - entirely customizable

    This page displays your offers. It should be clear, informative and attractive. Thanks to our design editor, you can build every aspect of this page (both texts and design).

  • A subscription form - generic

    Here the user fills out a form with their personal information. This form is automatically generated. Only the colors will be modified based on those defined in the subscription journey.

  • A payment form - generic

    Last step to finalize the subscription. As with the subscription form, this one is automatically generated - the colors will be the same as the one defined in the Subscription journey.

When you click on the button [ + Create journey ], you have the choice between two landing pages templates: the classic model, simple and efficient, and a richer model that allows you to further develop your proposition value.

Once you choose your model, give it a name and configure every aspect based on your goals and branding.

This tool is similar to the design editor in Poool Access.

To add a component, simply click on the ⨁ button and choose from the list (Title, text, Button, Header, Image, etc)

To modify a component, click on the "Edit" icon on the right. You can then change its form in the 3 tabs:

  • Settings: component-specific settings

  • Style: manage different style settings (background color, spacing, etc.)

  • Responsiveness: manage compatibility with screen sizes

On this same page, at the top, you can click on [ Change your journeys' properties ], to go further in your personalization.

In this new window, you can modify the following elements:

  • Logo

  • Text and buttons colors

  • Margins

  • Personalized CSS

STEP 4 : Test the final look of your journey

We're nearly there, all that's left is one essential step: testing!

Luckily for you, you can do this very easily by clicking on [ < > Preview ] on the right of each "Journey".

A banner at the top of the page will appear. Select the option [ Access site ]

In the new tab, you'll find the landing page just as you just created. Now you can have a run through of the subscription journey, offers and the other steps just as your readers would. Not bad, hey? ✨

STEP 5 : Activation

Ready to launch? Don't forget to activate the subscription journey by selecting the "Enable" option.

And you're ready to go!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to answer:)

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