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How can I measure the success of my Cookie Wall with Alternative?
How can I measure the success of my Cookie Wall with Alternative?

Find here more details about the analysis possibilities when you activate a Cookie Wall with Alternative

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A Cookie Wall with Alternative is displayed to readers who refuse cookies on the CMP. Tracking and data analytics opportunities are therefore extremely limited for this feature.

Given that the user didn't consent at the CMP stage, Poool won't collect any data, which is the reason why you can't see any statistics linked to the Cookie Wall with Alternative widget in the Dashboard.

However, from your end, you can use your own tools to retrieve data and other elements that will give you insights into what the Cookie Wall with Alternative can bring you.

Data linked to the CMP

Consent rate

The reason for using a Cookie Wall with Alternative is to maintain/increase consent rates. This will therefore be a key indicator for you to follow.

However, you should keep in mind that a bias exists when analyzing this metric - specifically, all of the 'Accepts' to cookies that are collected by Poool are connected to the 'Decline' to cookies that preceded them. This leads to a distortion of any final results.

For this reason, we advise you to take this indicator with a pinch of salt.

Consented pages views

If your CMP offers a "consented pageviews" metric, this should be used as your main indicator to evaluate the performance of your Cookie Wall with Alternative. It will give you insights into the value of the wall. You can then look at the evolution of consented page-views share during the activation period.

Other data available

Depending on the tools you use, you can also cross compare this data with others that reflect the impact of consent, such as in your ad-server.

Consenting vs non-consenting user share

If your ad-server gives you access to comparing the share of users who are consenting vs non-consenting, this should also be one of your KPIs.


Logically, if consent rates improve, your RPM should be positively impacted.

Nevertheless, in this analysis, you should also bear in mind that RPM depends on other factors, such as context, period, technical set-up (consent validity chain for instance).

Analysis period

In order to get a clear picture of how your Cookie Wall with Alternative is performing, we advise that you wait for at least 5 weeks after launching (as a minimum) before drawing initial conclusions.

As usual, our teams are at your disposal to accompany you in this analysis, considering your strategy and the tools at your disposal, so don't hesitate to get in touch!

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