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Cookie Wall with Alternative
Why employ a Cookie Wall with Alternative?
Why employ a Cookie Wall with Alternative?

Learn more about the value of a Cookie Wall with Alternative

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A simple cookie wall (without any alternative) works in the same way as a wall (subscription or registration wall) - it blocks content and requires a user to accept cookies in exchange for access.

However, a Cookie Wall with Alternative offers a choice - accept cookies or choose a cookie-free alternative way to access content, such as by subscribing or registering.

A Cookie Wall with Alternative is hugely valuable to your business model

The Cookie Wall with Alternative answers a variety of challenges faced by publishers today.

Increase awareness about your mission and business model

The Cookie Wall with Alternative allows you to share an important message with your readers - content isn't free to produce and, by simply accepting cookies, a user can support the sustainability of your business without having to pay a penny.

Optimize consent rates

If your revenue model is centralized around advertising, consent rate is hugely important for monetization. A Cookie Wall with Alternative helps to increase your consent rates and so support ad-based revenue streams.

Increase lead collection, registered users or subscriber base

In situations when a user declines consent, they'll be asked to choose an alternative, cookie-free way to access content such as creating a free account or subscribing. This is hugely beneficial for you - you could make use of this alternative to collect data, increase ARPU, grow a subscriber base and a lot more! 🙂

💡 A Cookie Wall with Alternative is also a way of reminding a user of cookie consent on a regular basis. For readers who refuse cookies once, they'll not be re-exposed to the CMP. However, with the Cookie Wall with Alternative that appears on content, they'll be made aware another time of the importance of cookies for your business.

This kind of sensibilization is essential for the future of digital publishing, highlighting that content isn't free to produce!

Opportunities with Poool's Cookie Wall with Alternative

Integrating a Cookie Wall with Alternative with Poool allows you to make use of a variety of personalization options offered in the Dashboard.

For instance, you have the choice of defining which content you want to display the Cookie Wall with Alternative on (thanks to contexts settings).

You can also modify the widget design in the 'Appearances' section, or personalize the working to match your strategy.

✏️ NB : Even if you have a variety of testing potential within the Dashboard, analysis of results is limited to a certain extent. As cookies aren't deposited, any data tracking is limited to the CMP.

Integrate your Cookie Wall into your user's journey

More globally, it's interesting to add the Cookie Wall with Alternative into your overall conversion strategy, to complement visibility with engagement.

The idea here is to lead users through conversion steps, one by one, from the non-consented audience to an anonymous user who passes through the Cookie Wall, to then becoming a registered member via the Registration Wall, and finally a paying subscriber thanks to a Paywall.

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