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What's up with the new design editor?
What's up with the new design editor?

Discover our brand new design editor 🎨

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We're excited to introduce you to our new design editor!

This tool will allow you to push your wall's potential even further ✨

Once upon a time, when we first created the Poool Access Appearance section...

Before today, the 'Appearances' section allowed you to choose between two wall formats (compact or panoramic) and customize a few elements, such as the color of the wall's skin or buttons. It was also possible to add custom CSS. You were also able to personalize texts in the 'Messages' section or directly within a scenario.

All this already gave you huge potential to create high quality walls that fit seamlessly into your site.

However, if the custom CSS feature wasn't used, designs remained rather rigid, which is why we decided to work on a new tool to create more advanced designs without the need for CSS or tech intervention.

What's new?

We've created a design editor that allows you to build walls from scratch or from pre-made templates!

To do this, you'll have to create an 'Advanced Appearance' (available only with the Enterprise Plan.)

Note that the two existing formats (compact and panoramic) are still available in 'Basic Appearance'.

Advanced Appearances, how does it work?

Do you remember your Lego constructions 🧱 ? Well, this is kind of the same idea!

The wall is built in a construction space (called "builder").

It's basically like the green plate that made up the floor in your Lego house.

In this space you add basic or dynamic components (Lego bricks) that you need in your wall. You can place them anywhere, move them, edit them, delete them etc.

The basic components remain the same whatever widget (i.e. newsletter, survey, subscription, etc) is set up in a scenario, they're static.

But, the dynamic components are the biggest novelty. These allow you to use either all elements that make up a widget (title, description, action...) or to use only some elements.

Because they're dynamic, these components will change according to the widgets set up in your scenarios.

Each component also comes with several customizable settings as well as various style options (spacing, colors etc.) and responsiveness.

For more information on components, feel free to check out our article 👉 What are the components of the new design editor?

To learn more about how to build an advanced appearance using a template, please check out our dedicated article 👇

The basic appearances

For any nostalgic marketers, we've kept the possibility to create designs with the two old formats (compact or panoramic).

No change in how to build a basic appearance, but if you want a refresher, we've put together a little article 👇

Good to know

Handling the old designs

🙋 What happens to my designs that were created with the old tool?

Your designs built with the old appearance editor will be switched automatically in the new dashboard to 'Basic appearance'. You'll find them directly in the 'Appearance' section of your Dashboard.

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