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What is a trigger?
What is a trigger?

Understanding triggers.

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🔵 This feature is available in the Enterprise plan only.

A trigger allows you to set up a widget based on a reader's source.

For example, you can set up a specific widget for your readers coming from a social network such as Facebook.

Trigger creation

When creating a trigger, you will define a value.

This value will have to be added to your URLs with a parameter that can be:

  • the utm_source= value

Example of a URL:


  • the xtor=value (for a AT Internet tracking)

Example of a URL:

💡 If "#xtor" format is used, you should put it at the end of the url, so it works correctly.

How does it work?

When a reader arrives on your content, Poool will look for the utm_source or xtor parameter in the URL. If it exists, Poool will compare its value with the triggers defined in your Dashboard. If there is a trigger set, then the chosen action will be displayed to the reader.

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