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How can I edit a context?
How can I edit a context?

Modify the default context or your custom contexts.

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Do you want to edit one of your custom contexts? Or maybe you'd like to change the use of native groups in the default context? Well, this article explains how to do just that.

Accessing the edit panel

On the context (default or custom) of your choice, click on [⠇] in the top right hand corner and then select [Edit].

Update the default context

By default, the default context (created automatically) includes native segmentation (Volatiles, Occasionals, Regulars, Fans groups).

If you don't want to use these native segments, just select 'Don't enable engagement groups' and [Update].

Editing a custom context

Once in the edit panel, you can adjust any context settings:

  • The name

  • The type (and related settings)

  • The use of native groups

Once you've made your changes, click [Update].

🚨 Important to know before making changes

Readers Reassignment

🙋I'd like to edit a context, what will happen to the readers?

The changes you make may cause readers to be reassigned to a different context. For example, if you change the context type from "Device Type: Web Mobile" to "Device Type: Web Desktop", readers who were previously in web mobile will be assigned to another custom context or the default context, depending on what is specified in your configuration.

Audience segmentation and scenarios

🙋I'd like to deactivate the native groups in my context, what will happen to my scenarios?

If you want to disable the use of native groups, all scenarios created in these groups (Volatile, Occasional, Regular, Fans) will not be transferred to the "All Users" group.

If you want to keep these scenarios, we advise you to duplicate the context with its content before making the change.

🙋O.K, now I 'd like to reactivate the native groups, what happens next?

If you then decide to reactivate the native groups, the scenarios previously set up in these groups will reappear in their respective groups and those created in the "All Users" group will disappear.

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