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How can I connect Poool with AT Internet?
How can I connect Poool with AT Internet?

Learn how to track your wall performance directly in your AT Internet account.

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Uploading Poool’s data to AT Internet will give you great insights, and allow you to cross-track your paywall strategy with your global KPIs.

Data such as 'paywall seen', 'subscriptions', 'clicks', 'registrations', etc., can be analyzed and put into perspective. This can prove very interesting indeed! 🧐

In this article, we describe the process to follow to make this connection. Let's go! 👩🏻‍💻

First step: activate the integration between the two platforms

In the Poool configuration, add the following line:

📌 Poool script - previous version (poool Legacy)

poool('config', 'ati_auto_tracking_enabled', true);

📌 Poool script - new version

access.config('ati_auto_tracking_enabled', true);

Once added, the connexion between the two tools will be fully operational.

✏️ NB : This integration requires the SDK AT version 5.7 minimum.

Where can I see my data?

To access data on your AT Internet Dashboard, go directly to the left bar, and follow: 'Content' > 'On-Site ads' > 'Publisher campaigns'.

Here you can see different "Creations".

By clicking on "Creations" you'll get a more detailed view:

Here is the list of creations in the AT Dashboard and their corresponding Poool action:

  • video: advertising spot

  • newsletter: newsletter widget

  • gift: free article

  • subscription: subscription

  • question: survey

  • unlock: automatic unlock

  • link: url discovery

  • pass: discovery pass

  • invisible: invisible unlock

You can then cross reference these with the variants:

As well as analyze the clicks on the different widgets.

  • subscribe_link : click on the button or link "Subscribe"

  • submit_form : form completed and sent

  • link_button : click on the button "discovery url"

  • login : click on the button/link "login"

  • register : mail registration for a newsletter

  • release : article unlock

  • no_thanks : click on the "no, thanks" link

This data can then be put to use in understanding your users' interactions with your walls and help inform your decision making.

To find out more, don't hesitate to contact us on your Intercom chat!

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