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How do I make sense of the statistics in the 'Analysis' section of the Dashboard?
How do I make sense of the statistics in the 'Analysis' section of the Dashboard?

Get to grips with the contents of your statistics

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Poool allows you to take a look at the statistics relating to your specific media.

You can access this through heading to your Dashboard, in the 'Analysis' first screen.

Firstly, you can filter the statistics as you wish. To do so, find out more in our article How do I bring up statistics for a specific time period or segment?

Overall performance

These are 4 key-indicators that allows you to understand the general statistics of your website's content access:

  • Paywall impressions

  • Number of unlocked posts

  • Subscriptions page visits

  • Number of subscriptions

The statistics given on Poool's paywall impressions shows the number of times that a reader has been presented with a paywall on one of your pages.

HINT - this figure could be low if:

  • The paywall is far down the page

  • The user is too heavily loaded (with a lot of text, for example) between the article and the paywall

  • The suggested value of the blocked article is not high enough

  • There are a lot of calls to action made between the top of the page and the paywall

The number of unlocked posts corresponds to the number of actions made by the user, having unblocked an article.

HINT: if there is an increase in the number of impressions on the paywall but not on the number of articles unlocked, it could be a sign that there is a lack of a valuable offer on the blocked articles.

The subscription page visits represents all the visits made to the page where any subscription offers are presented.

Finally, the number of subscriptions represents the number of user conversions made in that time period. Remember, in order to be able to effectively analyse the rate of conversation by segment, use the statistic 'subscriptions' which includes the total number of subscriptions.

Action performance

In the same way that you can analyse overall performances, you also have access to action performances. These are the widget activation's statistics that you implemented in your scenario. The statistics are related to different criterias:

  • Engagement

  • Data

  • Monetization

  • Subscription

  • Payment

HINT: if there is data showing at 0, it could simply mean that it hasn't been added into the scenarios!

If you have any questions that are yet to be answered then please don't hesitate to contact us via Intercom, directly from the Dashboard.

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