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How can I use Poool on AMP?
How can I use Poool on AMP?

Make the most of Poool via Accelerated Mobile Pages

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In order to create your AMP scenarios, there are a few choices on offer which you can pick according to your strategy.

Want to use an existing app or a dedicated app?

Using an existing app:

You could decide to use Poool's main app for AMP. If this is the case, you'll need to integrate our AMP access extension and use the same app ID as for Poool on the computer/mobile website.

Please note: if you haven't made a custom group dedicated to AMP in your AMP configuration, the user will be put into a native segment. In this instance, you won't see the specific statistics from just the AMP.

To solve this, we strongly advise that you create at least one custom AMP group if you wish to use an app that will also be used for your internet site and/or mobile website.

Using a dedicated app

In our opinion, this is the best way to make the most of AMP's potential.

You will need to create a new application, which is explained in this article. Next you'll need to give an app ID to your new app in the AMP configuration.

The data from this will be available in the dashboard and, whether it's for a native segment or custom grouping, the data will be specific to that AMP.

PLEASE NOTE that the AMP format is very specific and so you should treat your audience who use it in the same way.

Defining a strategy

The strategy and objectives that you have set up on your website aren't necessarily transferable to an AMP format. You will need to analyse the audience and define clear KPIs to follow in order to create value in a format where there is greater instability than anywhere else.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Our consultation offers are also there for you and will help save you time!

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