When customizing your paywall on your Dashboard, you have the chance to preview the look and feel of it from your readers' point of view.

To do so, go on the Appearance section of the Dashboard. On the left, you can find the different customization options. On the right, you can see the paywall preview.

List of the visible customizations

The list on the left tells you what can be customized:

  • The chosen visual template (compact or landscape)

  • The chosen colors (for the button, the skin and the subscription)

  • The uploaded images (for the logotype and the cover image)

  • The custom CSS eventually added

Behavior of the preview unit

The preview unit automatically detects the changes that you've made on the left and will update accordingly. For performance reasons, you sometimes have to wait for a few seconds before changes are taken into account on the right.

In addition, for your own ease of use, the preview unit follows your movement while scrolling in the Appearance page.

Preview options available

Previewing on a mobile or desktop

Easily switch between “desktop” mode and “mobile” mode:

Previewing a specific widget

See how any widget looks like by selecting it in the drop-down list.

Can I preview widgets from a specific scenario?

If you not only need to preview the appearance of the widgets but also how they show one after the other, you can easily preview a whole scenario by using the "Test" mode.

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