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How do I duplicate an action or a scenario?
How do I duplicate an action or a scenario?

Copy a widget or a scenario to enrich your tactics fast

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If, when creating or editing your different scenarios, you need to implement the same action (widget) several times, you can duplicate it.

💡 This can be useful if you have already edited the texts of this widget and wish to keep the consistency of the whole scenario without having to rewrite all modifications a second time.

Duplicating an action from a Poool scenario is really simple! To do so, simply click on the 'Duplicate' button in your action block:

A new identical widget is automatically created. By default, it will be positioned on the next step but you can move it from this step or insert another action between the two.

Need to duplicate the whole scenario to apply it to another group? Go directly into the Scenarios section and on the right of every scenario, you can access its options:

Simply click on Duplicate and choose the new destination of the Scenario.

Whether duplicating an action or a scenario, don't forget to update it once finished to be sure your work is safe.

Et voilà !

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