The new "toggle groups" feature allows to automatically force a change from one cohort to another as soon as a reader completes a particular action.

For example, this feature can be very interesting when implementing a "Discovery pass" strategy. As soon as the readers have activated the "Discovery pass" widget (I.e. they have just subscribed with their email address), they are automatically switched into the "7-day pass" custom group that you have already created and associated to a pass-type scenario.

Which widgets is the "toggle groups" feature available on?

The "toggle groups" feature is available on all widgets that ask for a concrete action from the readers, like answering a question or subscribing to a newsletter. These widgets:

  • Offered article: readers take the step of unlocking articles

  • Newsletter form: readers give their email address

  • Discovery pass: readers subscribe to a discovery offer

  • Survey: readers answer questions

  • Commercial: readers watch a video ad

How to set up the "toggle groups" feature?

It's easy as pie! In your chosen scenarios, click on any widget previously listed to display the editing window. You'll find the "toggle groups" field at the bottom of the advanced options.

Click to display the list of all available custom groups for this switch.

And that's it!

Don't forget to confirm the widget edition and the scenario update so your changes are taken into account.

Feel free to contact us on Intercom if you have any questions!

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