The 'Analysis' section of your Dashboard allows you to follw the performance of your paywall strategy. To do this, it could be useful to put your data through a filter based on the time period: by day, month or year.

Change the granularity

Begin by selecting the time period that you wish you search between:

Next, click on the box which will give you the statistics that you're interested in, whether this is in the overall performance section or the action performance section. Clicking on this will bring up a graph of these statistics.

You can now play around with the granularity adjustment in order to show the data by day, month or year.

Understanding the statistics shown

By default, the granularity shown is by day.
If you select to view the data by month or by year, the graph will be automatically updated by adding all of the day-to-day data to make up the relevant month/year.
For example, if the time period selected is from 20 October 2017 until 20 March 2018:

  • The 'by day' view will show data from all of the days in this time period

  • The view 'by month' will show all of the data from October, November, December, January, February and March. Please note that in this time period example, the data for October and March will contain only 20 days each.

  • The view 'by year' will show data from 2017 and 2018. Please note that neither of these will be complete as 2017 will show data from only October, November and December whilst 2018 will show data from January, February and March.

A note on the evolution graphic of a segment...

It's important to note that the evolution graphic of a segment in only available in the 'by day' view.

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