Get to know the circulation time of a survey

By heading to the 'Survey' section, find the survey in question and you will see its creation date posted below.

Export the statistics from this time period

Go back the 'Analysis' page and alter the filter time period so that it searches from the creation date of your survey. Leave the segment filter blank so that it searches through all segments.

Go down the page until you reach 'Action perfomance', Click on the box saying 'Collected responses' so that a dropdown box appears, allowing you to 'Export responses'.

As soon as the export is ready, you will be notifed by a popup in the top right hand corner of your Dashboard. Once downloaded, you will be able to find it in the 'Exports' section.

With this data sheet, you will be able to see the results of this survey which includes 100% of responses made since its creation.

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