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How do I create and publish a survey?
How do I create and publish a survey?

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Poool offers you the possibility of creating surveys to ask your audience.

Creating surveys

By clicking on the 'Surveys' section, you can select [+ Create a survey].

The process is simple: write out the question in the space 'Question' and add the responses below in the field "Answer". To guarantee the optimal user experience, the number of responses is limited to a maximum of 6.

Publishing surveys

To activate a survey, you need to define it in a scenario. To do so, you should create a scenario - or use an existing one - and choose the "Survey" widget.

You can then edit your widget to choose:

  • The survey you wish to apply - you need here to select the survey you previsouly created in "Surveys" section.
    (In our example, we choose the survey "Do you like cheese?🧀").

  • Select an appearance

  • Set-up the connexion links and texts if you wish

Check out our video tutorial:

If you have any problems with this, do not hesitate to send us a message on Intercom!

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