All widgets have been set up to display default texts. These default texts can be seen under every textfield where you are able to customize the texts.

These texts have been written in a form that we see as optimal: they contain enough information to be educative but not too much, so they remain attractive and readable. In this way, if you don't have time nor resources available to update your texts, it's not a problem at all!

Despite this, there are 3 specific cases when we encourage you to update the default texts:

  1. For the text of the 1st widget displayed within a scenario

  2. For the "Newsletter subscription" and "Discovery Pass" widgets text (be careful with GDPR)

  3. For the "URL Discovery" widget text

Why edit the text of the 1st widget displayed within a scenario?

The first widget displayed within a scenario is a key moment for the publisher and for the reader. This is the occasion for the media to welcome the audience into its universe and to send an informative message about access to content: why some content is locked, why financing is important or why a specific article is offered, etc ... Even if default texts have been designed for this purpose, it can be interesting for each publisher to customize them depending on its brand image, its tone of voice and its business goals.

To do so, go to the Scenarios section of the Dashboard, then click on a scenario displayed to Volatile readers. Open the first widget of the Scenario and edit its text.

Why edit the "Newsletter subscription" and "Discovery Pass" widgets text?

Editing the default texts of these widgets is very important! This is linked to European laws and the new General Data Protection Regulation.

In order to be compliant with this new law, we updated our "Newsletter subscription" widget in May 2018 and later our "Discovery pass" widget in order to include the information addressed to readers about the collection of their consent.

These changes have caused new fields to be created and we strongly advise you to edit them in the Messages section of the Dashboard, "Widget texts" tab, for "Newsletter form" and "Discovery pass".

  • Opt-in text: here you can customize the consent sentence that must include the name of the person responsible for the process, the type of data collected and the reason for this process

  • Data processing information link text: we advise you to leave this text as it is so that there is no ambiguity for the reader

  • Processed data: this should be for an email address, no need to update this field

  • Process purpose: this is a fundamental field to update if you don't use this widget for a newsletter-subscription purpose!

  • Data controller: this is the publisher's name that you probably won't have to update

Why edit the text of "URL discovery" widget?

The "URL discovery" widget has been created to give publishers the freedom to encourage a particular action for their audience. In this way, a publisher can invite its readers to go on a specific URL: e.g to subscribe, to activate a pass, to discover a section, to read a specific content ... in other words to achieve any goal.

Therefore, the default wording for this widget is very neutral so that it's relevant in any case. This neutrality makes it less impactful and probably less relevant in a specific situation. We strongly advise that you customize this text depending on the purpose of the action.

How to edit the other texts

There are different ways to edit texts when necessary:

  • Editing the default text

  • Editing the text of specific widget occurrences

To customize the default text, go into the Messages section of your Dashboard. There you can edit general text (for example, the wording for the subscription link or the thank you message), widget text (the ones that show within any widget) or component text (for example, what is displayed in the button or in the popover on a mobile).

To edit the text of specific occurrences of widgets, go into the Scenarios section of your Dashboard. Then select the corresponding scenario and open a specific widget by clicking on the small pen icon.

Below the widget preview, click on "Advanced" and you will find several fields that you can customize. Feel free to edit them and click on Update. Don't forget to save the edited scenario!

In summary, if you choose to customize your texts, don't forget these good practices!

Feel free to contact us on Intercom if you have any questions!

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