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How do I modify the text relating to the GDPR
How do I modify the text relating to the GDPR

Gain explicit consent from the reader regarding their subscription to the newsletter or the discovery pass

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We have adapted the widget for 'Newsletter form' as well as that of the 'Discovery pass' so that they now intercorporate a request for consent from the reader. This is because both of these widgets collect email addresses.

Reader experience

Reminder: 'Newsletter form' is a widget that lets readers unblock articles by signing up to the newsletter with their email address. Similarly, the widget 'Discovery pass' asks readers for their email address.

In order to abide by the new GDPR laws (General Data Protection Regulation), the reader must give consent for their email address to be collected and treated by any company.

We have therefore integrated a box to tick so that the readers can clearly give their agreement. The widget cannot be activated without this box being ticked.

The reader must also agree to the storing of their personal details and the rights that they possess regarding this.

️This is why we have added an information screen, directly accessible from the widget. The reader can click on the question 'Where does my data go?' and they will be taken to this information page. Here they can read about the treatment of their details.

In summary, this is how the new widget works:

The configuration from the editors side

From the point of view of the editor, the information that needs to be configured includes:

Within the Poool Access settings:

  • The URL leading to the data policy (facultative: by default this is blank)

The text for the widgets 'Newsletter' and 'Discovery pass' from the section 'Dashboard messages' include:

  • The text of the opt-in (by default 'I accept that my email address will be stored so that {app_name} can send me newsletters')

  • The text used for the link leading to information about data collection (by default 'What happens to my details?')

  • The data collected (by default: email address)

  • The reason for collecting this (by default: sending of newsletter)

  • The owner of the data (by default the name of the Poool app but ideally the name of the media)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message via the Intercom chat!

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