When you create a basic appearance, we offer you 2 different graphical templates: 'compact' and 'landscape'.

Compact template

The 'compact' template is the format that relies on paywall visibility. It shows like a pop-in unit that appears with locked content.

This visual rupture is important to ensure that the message is seen and read. It does this in 4 ways:

  • Depth rupture: the unit seems lifted, thanks to the light shadow

  • Height rupture: the unit looks like it is eating the content that it is locking, to catch the readers' attention

  • Length rupture: the content locked turns into a content skeleton (these are the grey lines you see underneth)

  • Width rupture: the unit doesn't take up the entire column width on most resolutions and layouts

'Landscape' template

The 'landscape' template creates less ruptures. On the contrary, it has been designed to better achieve a more corporate and immersive goal of most media brands. It deals with a larger paywall that totally adapts to the column width. It also allows you, unlike for the "compact" template, to work with a cover image usually used on social networks, and also those on mobiles. This is definitely the template for brand reassurance.

Appearance settings

Once the template chosen, you can directly integrate your visual components: logo (max 200ko), cover image (max 200ko), button color, skin and personalized CSS).

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