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How to use return URLs?
How to use return URLs?

Setting up return URLs to control redirections at the end of the action.

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Return URLs are very useful, especially when a subscriber connects while reading an article. After login or subscription, the reader is directly redirected to the page or article from she/he comes. This is very useful to maintain an optimal user experience!

How to set up return URL?

To set up a "return URL", you have to pass an URL parameter on each URL where there is a need to go back. There are two ways to do that:

Option 1:
Putting the following parameter ?returnUrl={return_url} at the end of the URL in the widget creation or settings:

Note: {return_url} is actually a Javascript shortcut function "window.location.href", which allows to recover the URL of the current page.

Option 2:
Directly in your code, adding the parameter at the end of the URL affected

📌 Script Poool - previous version

poool("config", "subscription_url", "" + window.location.href);

📌 Script Poool - new version

access.config('subscription_url', '

Both of these solutions involve that you have recovered by yourself the URL information and redirected it on the server or in Javascript in the right moment (post-login or post-registration). Without that, there will be no redirection 😊.

If you need more information about it, you can contact us on Intercom!

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