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What do I need for my Poool integration to be GDPR compliant?
What do I need for my Poool integration to be GDPR compliant?

Implementing all the needed technical changes

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Poool has anticipated GDPR compliance to give you plenty of time to integrate all the obligatory changes.

Starting from May 25, 2018, GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation - goal is to reinforce the importance of data protection for those who treat datas and to make professionals responsible at an European level.

It increases citizens rights by giving them more control over their data.

Poool has anticipated the compliance with the new regulations to allow you to peacefully integrate all the necessary technical changes before the deadline. You can track the status of our compliance process at this address.

Publishers, what you need to put in place for your Poool integration needs to be up to date by 05/25/18

Once you have collected the explicit consent of each reader for collection, storage and processing of personal data (according to your own specificities), you need to transmit to Poool, and this at each call of our script, the confirmation of this explicit consent from the user.

We changed our SDK -Software Development Kit- to take a new configuration element that you will need to transmit us. It's "cookies_enabled" setting, which you set to "true" if the user explicitly agrees to the deposit of cookies.

How the transition will work?

This system is already integrated and is online. This means that we are already taking into account this new parameter.

We will set the default value of this parameter to "true", until the deadline. There will be no negative impact on our customers' website.

⚠️ On May 24, 2018 at 10:00, we will change this default value to "false".

This will mean that automatically, as long as you do not tell us clearly in the configuration that the reader has authorized cookies deposit, we will consider that he has not given his consent and we will not activate the system.

Poool paywall dynamics.

What happens if there is no user consent?

If the "cookies_enabled" setting is "false", we cannot collect, store, and process any personal data.

We therefore do not set any cookie, we do not send any tracking request, we do not transfer any datas in the Poool Dashboard for the reader.

We simply display the "Required Subscription" widget: Properly integrated, this widget strictly blocks the content of the article and invites the reader to discover the subscription page or to connect.

There will therefore be no dynamic path proposed to the reader, nor statistical visibility on his behavior.

Long story short

1. Add the "cookies_enabled" parameter to the Poool javascript configuration
2. Give us this consent at each call of our script on your website

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